The Book Content

You are invited to know the material and immaterial values present in Joinville’s rural area, enjoying the natural landscape composed by rivers, cascades, hills, mountains, dirt roads, crops, pastures, bridges, buildings, centennial cemeteries, as well as leisure, recreation, gastronomy and small businesses to be enjoyed. These views are framed by Serra do Mar and coastal plains.

The book also describes the ways to reach the rural locations, with plenty of beauty. It also presents a little of the cultural legacy of this land, perpetuated by the built landscape constructed along the years, documents of local history.

Resulting from bibliographic research and interviews, and complemented by hundreds of photos taken and map-guided descriptions, the routes for 33 roads, 5 streets, two state highways and also federal one were drawn. It contains descriptions of the built assets and cultural heritage, presented in the routes traced in Dona Francisca, Quiriri, Rio Bonito e Piraí regions.

In a panoramic view, it rescues the rural occupation by the German and Portuguese-Brazilian colonizers, bringing extraordinary bringing extraordinary cultural richness of historical documentation.

This is an invitation to enjoy the described scenarios, sounds, places and so many beauties, plenty of cultural reference, to known our surroundings, to acknowledge and love it. Furthermore, to preserve, sustain and protect it, avoiding its disappearance.