Get to know in order to acknowledge

With the purpose of providing knowledge, recognition and appreciation of Joinville’s material and immaterial legacy, you will have a guide with descriptions and tours to enjoy the beauty of centenarian buildings, history, landscapes, festivities and other attractions for those who are looking for cultural tourism.

You will be guided to know and understand Joinville’s occupation and culture, both in rural and urban territories. Maps and travel itineraries, picture’s descriptions, photos and texts will give you the support.

First, the rural areas with its ethnic groups, the crops as economic support for urban development, the environment conditioning factors and human integration with local architecture, uses and traditions. Then, continuing the journey, getting to know the edifications and urban cultural landscapes, using two starting points:

  • Begin the rural tour: knowing the rural area using the just released book “Cantos E(n)cantos” – free translation “Corners and Charm – Living the rural area – Tourist, architectural and cultural guide of Joinville city”
  • Begin the urban tour: knowing the urban and rural built heritage, with the tour guide “Roteiro turístico Arquitetônica e cultural” – free translation “Joinville’s architectural and cultural tour guide” – 2010/2011.

On the same tab, in order to learn more there’s the dissertation “From migratory processes and economic cycles to the preservation of the urban landscape: multiculturalism in Joinville/SC”.

On the tab “Articles” you can keep track of facts about the cultural heritage and tourism in Joinville, in a warning cry for preservation.

Finally, you can find in “Cultural spaces and Agenda”, a list of places as well as rural and urban festivities.

The invitation is made! Start your tour enjoying both the material and immaterial heritage in buildings and landscapes. Notice the cultural heritage as memory and identity, rebuilding the relationship between the present and the past – a legacy to be preserved.