Begin the rural journey


Begin you journey by getting to know the book: Cantos E(n) Cantos – Vivendo a área rural – Roteiro Turístico, Arquitetônico e Cultural Cidade de Joinville – free translation “Corners and Charm – Living the rural area – Tourist, architectural and cultural guide of Joinville city”

Recently launched, this book is the result of the path of architect, urbanist and researcher, Rosana Barreto Martins, concerned with local actions for the preservation of cultural heritage; moreover, convinced of the importance of preserving the cultural landscape as a practice to safeguard buildings and natural environments that make up the rural area of ​​Joinville.

Added the collaboration of the tourism technician, Jackson Klingenfuss Corrêa, touched by the natural beauties, for the development of the field research.

In search of the man-built landscapes and natural landscapes, uniting the anxieties before the losses, abandonments and transformations that occur, with the greater intention to draw attention to what still remains, to bring to the knowledge of the citizens true saved riches in the rural area, which constitute the legacy of the region’s cultural landscape.

A book to those who love nature, landscapes, centuries-old buildings and get involved with culture.


“I read the book with extreme care.
As a historian, it was a unique tour, built on memories of ancient texts about the process of colonization and occupation of the peripheral regions of Joinville. In fact, a charm. The book, with its extraordinary photos, takes us to inscrutable journeys. I really enjoyed it. I want to greet you and Jackson, as we met many years ago in a lecture on tourism, at Senac. He, then, only dreamed of the job ahead. And he did, the book is a beautiful statement.
As for you, beyond sensitivity, I meant that the book is a unique document. There is nothing similar in the bibliography about Joinville, even though in the year 165 of our history. It must be a unique pleasure. Your discipline, persistence, method and the way you handled texts and photos deserve the best compliment. And worthy of many readings and other journeys. In another dimension, one might say, a classic.
An important book about the little-known Joinville, of the corners and charms is ready. Congratulations, a unique, exclusive work with unique art and design as well. “

Apolinário Ternes